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COVA students

Highly Ranked Academics

COVA received a state Academic Performance index of 873, with a school quality state ranking of 9 out of 10, and a "similar schools" ranking of 10 out of 10 for the 2013 school year. COVA strives to provide a high quality and broad academic curriculum that includes daily music and performing arts as well as exposure to a variety of languages.

COVA is a literature-based school where students read real storybooks and novels from K - 8th grade, rather than basal readers. The math curriculum not only covers that State Standards, but offers advanced opportunities for mathematically advanced students.

Through the early entry program with the Peralta Colleges, advanced middle-school students can attend classes at Merritt College and receive college credit. Students who continue the Peralta program through high school can potentially earn two years of college credit before graduating high school.

Parent Involvement

The COVA Boosters is our parent group. The Boosters assist the school in fundraising and sponsor student and parent activities throughout the year. The Boosters serves as a conduit to our parent volunteer program. Parents at COVA participate in the success of the school by volunteering a minimum of 20 hours a year in many school-wide and classroom events and projects.

Music and Performing Arts

COVA students receive 10 to 12 hours instruction in the arts per week. This intensive exposure allows students to progress rapidly. COVA students complete in the local and state CMEA Solo and Ensemble and Choir and Orchestra Festivals as well as drumline competitions where students perform for judges and are scored on their technical and musical skills in instrumental or vocal performance. COVA students consistently score in the Excellent and Superior levels with some students reaching the Command Performance level, the highest rating a student can receive.

COVA students perform in three or more concerts per year in the school performing arts theater, as well as in the community. Students have performed at Disney Adventure, Kona, Hawaii, Circus, Circus in Reno, the California State Capitol, Catalina Island, Great America, the Temescal Street Festival, Jack London Square, Emery Bay, the Fruitvale Cinco de Mayo festival, and more.

COVA's Mission

Our mission is to make the extraordinary benefits of music and a high quality academic education available to students entering grades K-8, and provide a structured environment where student can become confident, self-diciplined, and creative individuals.

COVA strives to provide an environment where music brings students together to support each other and develop a culture where students respect and appreciate similarities and differences.

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The Academic Program

The grade appropriate curriculum includes: English-Language Arts, Written Composition, Mathematics (through Geometry), History and Government, Science, Foreign Languages, Physical Fitness and Health, Visual Arts, and Musical performance and theory. COVA students will have an opportunity to explore many musical art forms including: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Musical Theater, Opera, and Rap.

Kindergarten through Third Grade

Students in grades K-3 will explore the joy of music by learning basic music theory, matching pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, and singing songs in many languages.

Fourth through Eight Grade

In grades 4 - 8 students will select an instrument to play in a variety of instruction and ensemble groups.

What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a Free Public School which is authorized by a Local, County, or State Educational Agency. It is open to all students residing anywhere in California. It is a public school, but it operates independently from the local school district. Funding comes from the State and Federal government.

Why choose a Charter School?

Charter Schools are held to the same academic and teacher requirements as all public schools, but are able to provide innovative programs and educational opportunities not always available in large district schools.

Why Choose Music?

Increasingly, research has shown that music "rewires" the brain and enhancing learning in all areas. Music has also been shown to improve health and encourage cooperation and self-discipline.


COVA offers an opportunity for children to receive a quality education while enjoying the lifetime benefits of music and performing arts.